New Beginnings

by Laura Alexandra


Over the past few months I’ve been filled with an immense urge to create. Whether dreams of silversmith classes, or copious efforts at watercolor and knitting, this gal has been bursting with desire to work with her hands. I’ve also been crippled, literally paralyzed, by indecision over my career path. In my efforts to channel these frustrations and bursts of creative delirium, I made a wordpress page to showcase these handicrafts and musings on indecision. Who would I be? Environmentalist? Withdrawn academic? Organic farmer? NGO worker? But once I sat down to write a post, I realized that I was just like many other mid-20s women out on the meager job/life search, and felt deflated.

Then something happened today. Today I found out I was pregnant.

Okay, I think. This is it. You can’t hum-and-haw about anything anymore.

But then… Why me? I’m not ready for this at all! My partner and I were just joking about how our two dogs are the only children we are likely ever going to have together. Boy, or girl, were we wrong.

So I guess I’ve got something to blog about? No, but really. Here it is, for you, friends, family, and fellow bloggers. For those of you I don’t know, I hope you can find in my words a little piece of your own experiences- to laugh a little with me, about the ways in which the Universe just throws things at you at whim- but always knowingly (as Meg would say).

2013, here we go.