Meet the Kids

by Laura Alexandra



Above (Joey- 1 year old hound-mix)

Below (Jasper- 6 year old German Shorthaired Pointer- Lab x)

A curious pair. Unlikely friends. 100% different personalities and preferences. Together they protect the house, make us laugh, steal food from the counter, hunt for ‘chippies’, snuggle, make a scene when we go to the dog park, start whining for dinner at 3pm, pout when we leave, struggle for the best spot in the bed, follow me…EVERYWHERE.I.GO., but also, take off to the neighbour’s cow farm.


Jasper was a free dog from a pointer breeder who curiously had a black litter one year. We’ve had him since he was a wee one. Joey is a new addition, a rescue from the Toronto Humane Society. She’s a lamb.

Since you’ll be seeing these guys a lot, I thought I would introduce you!

As I’m thinking about the next 9 months, I’m also overly curious about how they will adjust to a baby. Yesterday my natural-raw-vegan-guru-Mama girlfriend came over for a little visit with her 8 month old cutie patooootie…. and apart from their general ‘!!!THERES A NEW PERSON IN THE HOUSE!’ excitement, the two pups were well-behaved and I was pleased. Oh so pleased. We have another baby coming to visit tomorrow, so more practice time for these guys!

On my mind now:

Do I have a home-birth?

What about vaccinations?


Should I eat a bit of meat? (I’ve been a veggie for 6 years, I know plenty of vegetarian/vegan moms, but I’m not that careful about nutrients, really… ever).

Which books should I be reading?

WILL I WRITE MY EXAMS in the spring?

This last question is plaguing me. I plan to write my exams, and then take a maternity leave from the program. That way, if I find the business, the dogs and a newborn to be too much after the mat leave is over, I can de-register from the PhD program with the ABD status- which counts for something. However, I’m not so sure I’ll have the mental energy to get through these next three months. Writing ‘COMPS’ or comprehensive exams for a PhD is likely one of the most rigorous and stressful processes in academia.

Does exceptional stress harm babies?

SO many questions, reminding me that I need to see my ND. Bon WEEKEND, friends!